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Smart City Master Plan Community Engagement

Smart City Master Plan Community Engagement


Our Smart City projects improve services, foster open government, make data more accessible and enable research-based decisions.

Mississauga is a Smart City

Mississauga is committed to engaging the community, citizens and industry leaders in our Smart City journey.

A Smart City is a municipality that uses data and communication technologies to create sustainable economic development, increase operational efficiency, improve the quality of government services and make improvements to community life.

To learn more about the City of Mississauga and our vision for the future watch the City brand video.

The City of Mississauga has been recognized for its advancements in Smart City initiatives including free public Wi-Fi, open data, hackathons, fibre network, Advance Traffic Management, LED Lighting, mobility, online services, mobile apps and social media. In addition, Mississauga has connected City Services such as building automation, snow ploughs, the works fleet, transit and fire.

Here’s how we’ve been using smart technologies to build a 21st century city:

  • Creating a Connected City

    Mississauga is home to the largest municipally owned fibre optic network in Canada. Over 800 kilometres of fibre connect over 290+ sites across the city.

  • Fostering Digital Inclusion

    Free wireless internet access in community facilitates and public spaces, with more locations under review.

  • Supporting Innovation & Ideation

    The City of Mississauga currently has over 100 data sets available on our Open Data Catalogue.

  • A Virtual City Campus

    Mississauga is the first Canadian city to make eduroam available to its student population, creating a virtual campus using the City’s free public Wi-Fi network.

  • Engaging Youth and Tech Community

    The City is dedicated to helping to engaging youth and building a strong tech community by supporting events like Tech and the City.

  • Mobile and Digital Transformation

    The City prides itself on our online service delivery such as tax self-service, license renewals and recreation program registration.


We want your feedback and Smart City ideas! 

We are seeking input on our proposed Smart City Master Plan.  Join the conversation online and have your say.

Online Engagement

  • Online Engagement – Have Your Say
    What do you think about our proposed Smart City Master Plan? Please let us know your thoughts!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart City?

The term “Smart City” was created to describe how cities around the world are using data, technology and innovation to transform and modernize their services. By working closely with community partners, businesses and industry, Smart Cities build vital connections to foster open government, make data more accessible, and enable research-based decisions.

The overall goal of Smart Cities is to create more liveable, workable and sustainable communities.

Who do I contact if I have a question about Smart City?

You can contact our Smart City team by email at