SMRTCTY Idea Jam 2019: Accessibility & Inclusion

Our goal is to create A Smart City For Everybody. We believe that the answers to making our city better come from all of us working together. We invite you to join us in exploring ways we can make Mississauga’s municipal government more accessible and inclusive for all of our citizens through a creative and fun idea jam.

There are two parts to the event:

Accessibility & Inclusion Talks – These talks will provide an overview of cutting edge technologies available to aid with Accessibility & Inclusion, and will also provide information on the City’s of Mississauga’s current initiatives in regards to these issues. These talks are open to the public and everyone is welcome.

Idea Jam – The Idea Jam is when we get down to work. We are looking for creative, innovative and implementable ideas using technology to help ensure that Mississauga feels like a welcoming, safe, efficient, innovative and creative urban city. Technology can help ensure that people of all abilities, backgrounds, ages, socio-economic situations, location in the city – and any other factor that may marginalize people in Mississauga – are able to engage in a wide variety of activities throughout the city.

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