The City’s IT department recognized that FrontDesk could help us adapt to the new normal of COVID-19.

FrontDesk is a cloud-based queue and appointment management system. It was designed to minimize wait times, improve service levels and enhance the customer experience. From September 2019 to January 2020, this solution successfully improved service delivery within the City’s Legislative Services and Building Services, respectively. Following this success, IT recognized that this tool could be used to improve service delivery across the organization.

Leveraging this tool to help safely deliver services that could no longer be conducted in-person was one of the first tools the City implemented to assist with adapting to COVID-19.

FrontDesk also helped to smoothly transition a large majority of staff to work from home in a very short timeframe. In March, IT implemented FrontDesk in the City’s TechHub to assist with staff IT support needs. Later during Stage 2 of COVID-19 recovery, It became instrumental to safely delivering Mississauga Library’s curbside pickup program by ensuring that only one or two residents were at a library location at a time. Now in Stage 3, it is used to book study space reservations.

These were just the beginning! Over the past seven months, FrontDesk has been implemented within 11 business units across the City.

The use of FrontDesk has allowed the City to improve service levels by saving time and allowing staff to provide services to more citizens, eliminate the need for queuing completely and minimize wait times. This has allowed the City to adapt to the ‘new normal’ by managing traffic during short opening hours, limiting large gatherings and supporting mandatory physical distancing. It has also helped staff by reducing stress and concerns about safety during these times.

Below are some images of the FrontDesk Solution implemented across Mississauga City Hall:

Mississauga Smart City Roads

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