We Are Now Open by Default

On June 9, 2021, Council approved a revision to the City of Mississauga’s Open Data Policy. The major revision to this policy is the adoption of the six International Open Data Charter (IODC) Principles, including the principle of Open by Default. 

Mississauga has been a leading municipality in the world of Open Data. Starting in 2010 Mississauga was one of the first cities in Canada to publish open data, later developing the City’s Open Data Policy in 2015. Today the City of Mississauga is ranked #8 in North America on the Open Cities Index.

Taking the next steps to adopt the six principles of the IODC in the Open Data Policy continues the City’s rich history with Open Data. The principles that have been adopted through this revision are:

  • Open by default
  • Timely and comprehensive
  • Accessible and useable
  • Comparable and interoperable
  • For improved governance and citizen engagement, and
  • For inclusive development and innovation

With this policy revision now approved, Mississauga is once again one of the leading government organizations to take this very significant step forward to help increase transparency, improve trust in government, streamline the flow of information, improve citizen engagement, and drive innovation. Mississauga is a leading municipality on the world’s stage. Keep an eye out for more open data advancements in the future. Read more about this policy.

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