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5g and the city of mississauga

The City of Mississauga has undertaken an assessment on 5G Technology working with key stakeholders internally and externally which has provided the City with the required information. The final 5G Technical Report and the 5G Story Map were approved by Council in December 2021. 

Providing information to the public

The 5G presence on this site is to serve as an information portal to the public regarding 5G. The role of 5G deployment within Canada resides with Telecommunication providers, which are under Federal Jurisdiction. Further information on these roles and how they are governed can be found down below on this page.

This site can also be visited to learn about the Smart City Master Plan, projects that the City is undertaking, and enables public consultation and input. The 5G assessment is one of the projects identified in the Smart City Master Plan.

the city of Mississauga will complete an assessment on 5g with a focus on the following

The Purpose of the 5G Project is to assess the deployment that would benefit the utilization of the 5G network and associated technology, regarding the provision of services that it can offer the City of Mississauga, its residents and businesses. Additionally, focus will be given to exploring the benefits that 5G can enable in areas of Public Safety, Smart City (IoT) technologies, and Broadband access

Assess the health related concerns by closely following Public Health Canada, CSA and Industry standards as well as any independent studies

Assess the impacts on the built environment. Look at the types of radio equipment, antenna and related infrastructure that is required to support the technology

Assess the operational and economic opportunities of 5G considering future use such as Autonomous Vehicles and other Smart Sensor technologies

The City will conclude with a 5G Report that will identify recommendations and opportunities to how 5G is implemented in the City of Mississauga

5G in canada

Currently there are pilot projects under way in some cities across Canada. It is expected that 5G in Canada will start full implementation in 2021 with increasing 5G pilots and projects happening in advance

Service Providers are running tests and investing in new radio equipment and cell sites, but won’t begin deploying true 5G mobile technology until about 2021

safety code 6

5G is new for everyone however the frequency spectrum that it resides on is part of the existing spectrum that is monitored and regulated by Health Canada and in particular Safety Code 6

5G and Health

All Telecommunications towers and systems must comply with Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 which regulates radio frequency exposure.

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 can be found here.

The Region of Peel Health Department took a report to Regional Council regarding 5G and have identified that 5G, when implemented to the specifications identified and regulated by ISED, meets Health Canada’s requirements and aligns with a standard known as Safety Code 6.

The City of Mississauga will adhere to the same high level standards by closely following Public Health Canada, CSA and Industry standards.

View the Region of Peel health report here.

spectrum governance

5G spectrum falls under Federal Government jurisdiction through the Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) and Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and is regulated for its use by ISED across Canada