The Smart City Master Plan, endorsed by Council July 2019, included several strategic initiatives including an assessment of the 5G technology standard for cellular networks, for the City of Mississauga.

City of Mississauga staff have been actively assessing the implications of 5G through the engagement of key internal and external stakeholders, including benchmarking across Canada and globally. 

The 5G Assessment report has now been completed. The report identifies recommendations, provides required information to make informed decisions for 5G deployment, and includes opportunities to influence how 5G is implemented in the City of Mississauga.

The full 5G Assessment Report can be read by clicking on the icon above.

To help explain 5G and how it will be implemented and used, an interactive 5G Story map has been created that simplifies the technical concepts contained within this report.

5G Storymap

5g explained

The Storymap can be visited by clicking on the icon above.