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Digital technology – including Smart City technologies – affect our lives in ways we could not have imagined. Our societies, governments and cultures are all influenced by these shifts. The Centre for Civic Curiosity is a roving engagement hub where the public can come and explore, learn, connect and contribute to the future of their city. It is a space to explore new ideas and grow our understanding of Smart Cities together. This centre will be a cross disciplinary space, led by Smart City, and open to internal and external groups that have an interest in ideas that will shape our city. 

The Centre for Civic Curiosity will host a wide range of events and activities from talks, exhibits and showcases, public engagements, workshops, idea jams, hackathons and more.

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Smart City Research

One way Smart City prepares Mississauga for the future is through research. The Smart City research library will include  resources below have  developed by the Smart City team and our colleagues, and some are useful resources from other sources. Check back as we will continue to add resources. 

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Smart City open data showcase

Part of the Centre for Civic Curiosity is engaging with our community through events and activities to collaborate, increase literacy about data and Smart City, and to converse about innovations.  The Smart City Open Data Showcase allows the Smart City team to share and showcase products and analysis that have been developed by our community during Centre for Civic Curiosity events. 

Smart city Glossary

Having a shared language is a key component in having shared conversations. Government and technology are both known for industry specific terms, as well as many acronyms. This list of key terms is intended as both a guide to the Smart City Master Plan and also as an ongoing tool to create understanding between a variety of partners and communities in order to have conversations about technology and its role within our cities.

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