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How Do I Get Involved with Smart City?

There are many ways to get involved with Mississauga’s Smart City. We have opportunities for volunteering, institutional partnerships, student projects, special projects and commercial opportunities. We look forward to working with you to continue to build our future together.

Have Your Say About Your Smart City Mississauga

Have Your Say Mississauga! is your main source for getting engaged in your city – including Smart City activities. This is where you will have opportunities to provide your opinion on Smart City Projects, Policies and share your ideas on many other initaitives. 

Centre for Civic Curiosity

 Technology is constantly changing. Be part of the conversation about how this will affect our cities and communities. The Centre for Civic Curiosity will host a series of talks, workshops, demonstrations and other activities to dive deeper into ideas about our digital cities.

Living Labs

Living Labs showcase Smart City technologies that are intended to meet the needs of each neighbourhood and the people that live and work there. In these neighbourhoods the city is able to test new technologies on a trial basis in a real-life context with a user-centred approach. Locals are able to get information and provide direct feedback about the project as they progress.

Innovation Challenges

Many smart municipalities provide opportunities to solve local problems and invite innovation through public challenges. With a small amount of money offered as a prize, issues such as localized flooding, developing new uses for an underused park, or other neighbourhood improvements can be opened to the public to encourage engagement and develop innovative solutions.

With our partners at EDO, we will be developing a model for innovation challenges that will both help to solve local issues but also provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs to test out new ideas and connect with the city. Find out more here.

Competitive Bidding Opportunities

Larger SMRTCTY initiatives such as infrastructure, mobility and digital transformation projects will be posted with other City of Mississauga formal competitive bid opportunities. These are posted on the City’s Biddingo.com landing page at www.biddingo.com/mississauga.

Partnerships & Research Opportunities

Smart City is open to partnership and research opportunities. Please contact SmartCity to discuss.