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In 2020, the City of Mississauga adapted to the new normal of COVID-19 and continued their rich history of community, student, and industry engagement by hosting the very first completely virtual Open Data Challenge. The following gallery showcases the winning submissions from this event. As the City continues to host Centre for Civic Curiosity events in the future, this showcase will grow, displaying more and more analysis using ONLY open data!

Open data showcase

Mississauga Commuter Flow - Dashboard developed by Team 2

Team 2 - Mississauga Commute Flow

Team 2 examined commuter flows in Mississauga and examined where residents travel to work, population growth in Mississauga, whether this growth has boosted Mississauga’s economy and whether there was a change in how Mississauga residents commuted to work during the pandemic. Using a Tableau dashboard, the team demonstrated that Mississauga is not just a suburb but a city where residents work where they live. This team won the: 2020 Smart City Open Data Challenge Award, Best Narrative and Story Telling, Best Visual Design, Most Innovative. Click on the image to explore the dashboard!

Team Treetops - Tree Biodiversity

Team Treetops - Tree Biodiversity

Team Treetops looked at the overpopulation of invasive tree species within Mississauga, resulting in a lack of biodiversity in the city’s tree population. They developed a Tableau dashboard that demonstrates how investing in the environment leads to a healthier population and therefore attracts businesses. Winners of the Best Narrative and Story Telling. Click on the image to explore the dashboard!