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We are already a smart city

Building a city for the future means building a city for everybody. This means building a city where residents have a high quality of life, businesses can flourish, people can get around the city easily, everyone has access to technology, with a healthy environment and a government that is modern and focussed on the people it serves.

the Future is Here

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Our Future is smart

Mississauga is already a Smart City. Mississauga has been developing digital infrastructure and services for many years. This includes an extensive communications fibre network (PSN), an Advanced Traffic Management System, Wireless Mississauga at over 70 locations, and over 150 online services. This strong digital ecosystem enables Mississauga to move forward with further integration of technology into our planning processes and to explore new ways to work alongside citizens to continue to create a dynamic and inclusive city.

Smart city Goals

Mississauga will harness the creative power of technologies and innovative ideas to enhance the quality of life in Mississauga. We will effectively integrate physical, digital and human systems in the built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future – a Smart City for Everybody!